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My world came crashing down. Everything I thought I'd wanted in life, gone. My fiancé came to me and admitted he got another woman pregnant, making me the infertile one in the relationship.

All I've ever wanted was a family of my own, and to have babies. I wanted lots and lots of babies, but now, it seems like an impossible dream. Until I ran into a blast from my past, a hunky doctor I'd once had feelings for, so long ago.

Or maybe those feelings weren't left in the past?



The girl I loved in high school is back in my life, except she's crying about her asshole ex and her inability to give him children. She's asking me to help her. Oh, I want to help her alright... I want nothing more than to prove him wrong, to fill her with my seed and knock her up. That would show him alright.

She deserves better. Hell, she deserves better than me, even. I have a few secrets of my own, and God knows she may never forgive me when she finds out the truth. Her ex wasn't the only one who lied to her, but at least I had my reasons.

That's what I tell myself at least.

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