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Mr. Dreamy saved my life.
Now, he's staring at me like I'm his prey.
The temperature outside may be subzero.
But the heat between us is dangerously high.
Cabin fever has never felt this good.

Whitney was scared and alone.
And f*cking stunning.
I may have given society the finger
But, then I saw the goddess hurt and helpless.
And, my inner beast went into overdrive.
Now, it's just the two of us, alone in my cabin.
And, I'm finding it hard to resist her lips.
Her eyes tell she wants it too.
Meeting Whitney was chance.
Letting her go just isn't an option.
The Navy did a number on me - but I know damn well that won't ruin the best thing to happen to me.

"A perfect story to read on a snowed-in kind of day. Cabin Fever left me swooning. You can't help but turn into a pile of goo after this read. The author hit so many elements and made it work perfectly. There was hotness that could fog the windows and melt the snow. "
- Colleen G., Amazon Reviewer

70,000+words in this full-length standalone romance. Grab your copy today.

Kindle Edition, 534 pages

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