My Hot Stepbrother


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So many reasons not to but staying out of my stepbrother's bed is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.


Sure, I've screwed around. I've been with lots of women, but only because the one I want keeps running away from me. Hannah Ross may be stepsister, but she's the only woman for me.


Her dad is an asshole, she just doesn't know it yet. Sooner or later, she's going to realize it, I can't protect her from him and his motorcycle club's shady dealings. Not unless I'm willing to fight fire with fire. When their rivals approach me about taking my stepdad out, I hesitate for Hannah's sake. But once it becomes obvious that her life is in danger because of him, I'll stop at nothing to keep her safe.



Eli claims he loves me, that he's always loved me. He thinks I'm pushing him away because he's my stepbrother, but that's not really the reason. The reason I keep running back to Seattle is because I know he's not good for me. I know what I want out of life - to have a stable, loving family of my own. Something Eli has never had for himself.


When an ex shows up out of the blue, with his child in tow - a child he knew nothing about - I promise to be there for them. Even if it kills me to spend time with the man I love, and the child he never knew he wanted, I will do it for the baby. But the more we spend time together, the more obvious it becomes - I can't deny my desires for long. Even though he's got one baby already, I can't keep my dreams secret forever.


More than anything else in the world, I want to have babies with the man I love.

In this case, it just so happens to be my stepbrother.

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