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I’ve had my share of fakes.
Fake deals. Friends. Lovers.
The sum total of my bank account was the only thing I counted on.
Then, I ran into the one real thing in my world: Aria.
Her family and I have a rivalry - but she will be mine.

I own a chunk of the Manhattan skyline.
Billions in the bank.
VIP access to the most sought-after clubs.
I know. It's all so very...
It was.
Until that night at Club Expose.
She walked into my world like a hurricane.
I nearly bashed her ex-boyfriend’s skull in.
No man has the right to abuse a woman.
Now, I can’t get those irresistible lips and curves out of my head.
And, she’s more genuine than all the gold-diggers around here.
She doesn’t care about my money.
Her father is one of the wealthiest men in Manhattan.
And the most crooked.
After a shady deal, I’d sworn never to share the same air with him.
But when keeping my word means losing the one real thing to happen to me, I’m left with the biggest decision of my life.

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